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Carl Edwards Solicitors’ guide to bail in NSW Local Courts

What is Bail? If police have taken you into custody and charged you with an offence they can release you with a Court Field Notice advising you of your upcoming court date or they can also add to your Court Field Notice, a direction for your release on ‘bail’. Bail...

No jail time for aggravated indecent sexual assault

Our client was charged with aggravated indecent sexual assault of a minor victim. He had an extensive criminal history, and his pre-sentence report identified him as being of at ‘high risk’ of re-offending. Police also obtained ‘a confession’ from our client which was...

Not a drug dealer? ‘Deemed drug supply’ defences

If you have been caught with certain amounts of drugs the prosecution is likely to automatically argue that you intended to sell the drugs, and thus guilty of 'deemed supply', or the possession of a ‘traffickable amount of drugs’, under Section 29 of the Drug Misuse...

Sexual Assault: serious implications and complex defences

A sexual assault charge has the potential to change your life. It carries with it a criminal record, a tough imprisonment penalty of up to 14 years, and can have an irreversible impact on your personal and professional relationships. It is vital you choose an experienced lawyer to protect your freedoms and future.

Why a ‘Section 10’ is critical for traffic or criminal offences

A conviction after a traffic or criminal offence will affect your career prospects, overseas travel plans, and ability to keep your job. The courts are not lenient, which is why it is critical your lawyer helps you to fight for a ‘Section 10’ judgement.

CASE STUDY: The Gatsbys’ great test to the powers of NCAT

IN a serious test to the judicial powers of the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT), the Attorney General has intervened in on several cases up to the Court of Appeal, including on a disagreement over the occupation of a family home in Terranora, NSW.

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