Drug Charges

Defence Lawyer For Drug Charges

Few people realise just how severe drug laws are in Australia. Possessing more than 2 pure grams of of the drug ecstacy will send you on your way to the superior courts, and if it is alleged that you supplied that drug to someone else, you can be facing jail terms of up to 25 years.However heavy sentences are usually reserved for activities where the drug offence was intended to, or did, reap the accused some profit. And although the police might not have observed any drug sales or transactions, they will try to support an allegation that the accused dealt in drugs for profit by looking at other circumstances surrounding the drug possession allegation.Have you been caught driving under the influence of drugs? You’ll need a drug driving lawyer.

What could be investigated?

In order to support an allegation, the police might delve into an accused’s bank records searching for deposits that cannot be attributed to wages or salary. The deposits the police claim support their allegation, though, may be explicable as being lawfully acquired. In such a situation you will require the services of an experienced criminal defence lawyer to prepare an argument in response, in a manner which is acceptable to a court.

Another matter which often arises in drug cases is whether the person caught in possession of the drug knew or should have known that he or she had drugs in their possession. A good example of a matter like this is one where the driver of a car which recently carried some passengers is charged with drugs found in that car at some time after the passengers have left.

Complex legal principles apply when such a consideration is being determined before a court. A person without experience with such matters will simply be unable to cope with those principles and how they apply to the circumstances of his or her case.

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