Gold Coast  driver training provider Streetwise has partnered with Carl Edwards Solicitor to assist traffic offenders understand why a tailored traffic offender course is vital for an optimal result in court.

So you’ve been silly on the road?  Bad judgment the cause of your traffic offence, you are feeling remorseful and worried for your future?

You really need to keep your licence for work or family, yet this has been jeopardized by poor decisions to speed, use a mobile phone, drink or take drugs, or accumulate too many demerit points or drive unlicensed.

Traffic offenders should consider a driving course top improve their outcome at court. Carl Edwards Solicitor is an expert in Traffic Law and can assist you with your charges.

These are but a few common reasons people book in to attend our traffic offender diversion program at Streetwise.

Typically it is assumes that any traffic offender, who presents in court, has conducted that type of behaviour before.

It is the purpose of any diversionary programs to ensure that a ‘line in the sand’ can be distinctly drawn between the past actions and behaviours of the offender, to future actions and behaviours

This change can be seen as “uncomfortable” or “difficult” for some, but the tools and the ‘light bulb moments’ that are facilitated by our professional trainers can help you to overcome these difficult road blocks.

We acknowledge that unsafe driving habits are typically repeated actions, done so often that they become subconscious.

The purpose of attending a traffic offender program is to re-establish correct, appropriate and safe driving habits that align with community expectations and road law.

These laws exists to benefit everyone’s safety, therefore receiving an offence is an imperative red flag for change.

The Streetwise Traffic Offender Course takes a holistic view of a person’s driving life, their understanding of road law, road safety and an investigation into the neural pathways that set up their bad behaviours, to re-establish a seriously improved attitude towards driving habits.

This learning process must be extensive and thorough, and this is why we oppose large-group training, it tends to ‘water down’ the effectiveness of education.

The intention of an attendee should be to demonstrate to themselves, their family, community and the Magistrate their acknowledgement of the offence and their commitment to change, and this can have a serious positive impact on the sentence given to a driver, and whether or not a conviction is recorded.

Magistrates are known to take into account the remedial actions of individuals when handing down penalties. People who can demonstrate to the court they have taken action to correct an incident of poor judgement while driving may receive a lighter punishment. Magistrates will often consider a deduction in your impending fine of our course costs.

We recommend working closely with a lawyer who is an expert on traffic law – such as Carl Edwards Solicitor – to ensure you complete a tailored traffic offender course and go on to achieve the most optimal results in court, for your own personal safety and that of the community.

Streetwise Driver Training

Streetwise Driver Training can help motorists with traffic offences to improve their road behaviours.

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