Legal Aid

Legal Aid

Need assistance or representation but not in a financially stable position? In some cases, you may be eligible for a Grant of Legal Aid.

The NSW Legal Aid Commission (a branch of the NSW State Government) is based in Sydney. An application for is sent in to the Commission. The Commission applies it’s policies regarding financial eligibility, type of legal matter, availability of public funds etc and makes a decision about whether or not there will be a grant oapproved. If the Commission is prepared to make a grant, you can nominate a particular solicitor to be appointed to your case. That solicitor must be on a Panel of solicitors authorized by the NSW Legal Aid Commission.

Carl Edwards is an approved Legal Aid solicitor in Tweed Heads and is on a number of Panels set up by Legal Aid NSW to conduct legal proceedings which have received a grant of legal aid. These panels include:

  1. General Criminal Law
  2. General Family Law
  3. Children’s law
  4. Care & Protection (matters involving the Department of Families and Community Services – FACs)

Carl Edwards Solicitor is prepared to assist you in lodging your application for legal aid. We have an online link direct to the Legal Aid Commission in Sydney through which we can send your application. If legal aid is refused initially, we can assist you with appeals and reviews of that decision.

Carl Edwards takes pride in the legal services he provides. Rest assured that if your legal matter is funded by legal aid he will still give your case his all. 100% effort will be put in to obtain the best possible outcome for you.

If you are unable to obtain a grant of legal aid for your case; Carl Edwards is still prepared to talk with you to try and work out a way your legal fees can be covered. Payment over a period of time is one option that can be considered.

Contact us today if you wish to make an application for legal aid